Tatiania, FaireyCrown tm      $100.00
21 inches around ,2-4 inches tall

Spring FaireyCrown with Matching Wand  $160.00
Gaia Goddess
Clear Quartz Centerpiece
With Opalescent glass beads, 10K Gold Hummingbirds,10K Gold Dragonflies and
Spring greenery of leaves and berries. Ribbons, Charms, Cloissene  enameled beads
and 10K Gold wrapped semi precious stones  grace the back.
Spring colors of Green, Gold, Pink and White

Winter Solstice Matching Ice Queen Set  $250.00
Ice Fairy  Queen
FaireyCrown (Tiara Style)
Herkimer Diamond Centerpiece Wrapped in Silver
With Quartz crystal gemstones , Swarvorski  Crystal AB Beads,
Satin leaves and crystal berries compliment Ivory Tulle base.
Feathers and crystal
Herkimer Diamond Point
Apple tree branch heart, wrapped in Ivory Tulle and Quartz Crystal gemstones .
Finished with Satin leaves, crystal berries and ribbon
wrist let.

Tatiania Wands  3 sizes               $80.00                         $40.00                  $25.00
Spring Fairey Wands
With Apple Tree heart,
wrapped in white leather(Deer) $60.00 14"long
wrapped in Tulle $40.00 12"long
Mini wrapped in tulle 8" long
Quartz Crystal gemstones, beads and artificial leaves and berries
(Piece of branch requested from organically raised miniature Macintosh apple tree is
encased inside wand)

Amethyst FaireyCrown
with Pansy Blossoms  $80.00
Raw Cut Amethyst Centerpoint Wrapped in Gold
Amethyst gem stones and Swarvorski  crystal  Purple AB Beads.
Finished with Green Satin leaves and  Purple tulle wrapped band for comfort.  All
FaireyCrowns tie in back with Ribbons of satin and organza for perfect fit  Stands
about 2 1/2 inches tall
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