Faireycrowns ( or Fairy crowns as some say ) come in as many different styles as you can imagine.
Some of the more popular ones are:
 Beaded Faireycrowns
 Faireycrowns with Foam flowers
 Tulle only and ribbon

                 We also carry Matching Tutus, Wings and Wands in one size fits all for kids and adults.
               Each piece is $30.00 Mix and match.
               Colors are: Ballet Pink, Fushia Pink (as shown) Purple,Lavender,Red, Blue                                          

Faireycrowns  are  Available in every color under the rainbow . You tell me what color you want.

All kids Faireycrowns are $30.00  no matter what style. Order yours today, ships daily  USPS priority for $8.00 (USD)  anywhere in the USA.
Pink with foam flowers crown         $30.

Fushia with foam flowers  crown     $30.

Lavender with foam flowers crown  $30.

Purple with foam flowers crown       $30.
Flower crowns come in a variety of colors:
Pink        Blue        Purple        White        Red
White with Lavendar tipped petals
Yellow with Red tipped petals
                       $30.00 dollars each