All Fairey Crownstm designs have copyrights

Fairy Crowns,Fairy Headpieces,
Tiaras and Bejeweled Bridal Crowns.

Fairey Crownstm are wonderfilled creations I co-create with the
Fairy Realm to bring  the awareness of  Beauty, Magic and
Mystery into our lives.  Are there days you feel you could
really use a boost?  Perhaps a Fairy Crown of leaves and
crystal is just the thing.

Take a look at the happy faces wearing their crowns
and see if perhaps you would like one too!!
  • Please allow for subtle differences due to
    unique properties of each Fairey Crowntm
  • Each Fairey Crowntm is custom made to your
  • Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery as
    each Fairey Crowntm is custom made.
Going to a Renaissance Faire or a Masque Ball?  
Looking for a lovely accessory for your Halloween
costume?   Perhaps just the perfect gift for that little
girl in your life.  They LOVE fairies.
(If you ask them they want to be a fairy.)
Full line of Custom Masks, Crowns,Capes and
Wands available just in time for those holiday
parties.  Just ask !
FaireyCrowns By Divine
Lady V.
You too can dance with the Faeries!!
Citrine and Garnet Faireycrown